Lightwire on TV



In 2012, Lightwire Theater was featured in America’s Got Talent (season 7) which launched them into the national spotlight. Since then, Lightwire Theater has been fortunate to travel internationally, sharing their unique brand of storytelling with audiences of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Lightwire Theater spent the summer of 2013 in Paris, competing on MY TF1 The Best Le Meilleur Artiste and made it to the finals before returning to the U.S. to debut two new theatrical productions, A Very Electric Christmas and THE SHOW.

During the fall of 2014, Lightwire Theater had the opportunity to compete in truTV’s newest competition series, Fake Off. In addition, their holiday production, A Very Electric Christmas debuted on public television stations in select markets, which included behind the scenes footage and interviews with Ian and Eleanor Carney.

Fake Off 108 – Ending
Fake Off 108 – 1970s
Fake Off 107 – Beauty Pageants
Fake Off 106 – The Big Bang
Fake Off 104 – Disaster Movies
Fake Off 102 – Local News